Mad About Plaid

Hello all! Diving into an outfit that I put together a few days ago (no, I didn’t go anywhere and yes, I took pictures in my driveway) that I’m really loving right now.

Plaid is one of those timeless trends that can be done in so many ways. It’s a print that can be understated and bold at the same time, depending how you style it – if you’re afraid of rocking something bolder like cheetah, plaid is a great way to ease into print. No matter how it’s worn, I always think plaid makes the wearer look so put-together. If I was going into the office right now, I’d definitely wear this look – to me, it’s the perfect mix of timeless and trendy, and very business casual!


I started off with this statement-making plaid top from Zara. If there’s one thing I love about Zara, it’s that they know how to do an interesting top. I would love this top even if it was a simple cut, but the balloon sleeves and cinching up the front really adds intrigue for me. It makes the dark-toned plaid feel more girly and almost bohemian, channeling silhouettes of peasant tops and dresses. I paired this top with my FAVORITE trend of the moment: mid-thigh shorts! These are from Levi’s, but basically every brand is doing this cut right now. Personally, I have never liked super short denim shorts so I love this length. It also feels a bit vintage (anyone else reminded of the Bermuda shorts of our youth?). I think shorts of this length look classier than your average denim, and can be easily incorporated into a workwear look. I threw on these tortoise mules from Topshop and a black bucket bag from Target to complete this look. I thought both pieces accentuated the girl-on-the-go vibe of the overall outfit, and kept the focus on the top.

What do you guys think of this look? Are you a fan of plaid? LMK in the comments!



I’m Back!

Hello hello hello!

It’s been a year and a half too long since I’ve taken pen to paper (well fingers to keys) on this blog. Safe to say a lot has changed since my last post in September 2018 – I graduated college, fulfilled my dream of moving to New York City, had two different jobs – the list goes on. One thing that hasn’t changed is my love for writing – if anything, working in public relations has given me a newfound appreciation for writers, editors, and creatives of all kinds! I am so excited to get back on here and get back in touch with my passion of writing about fashion.

It is a truly crazy time in the world right now. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues on, most of us have been quarantined in our homes for around 3 months. No one could have seen this coming, or anticipated how it would impact our lives so deeply. Personally, I lost my amazing job, haven’t been able to see any of my friends, and may have to leave New York temporarily due to the situation. However, this weird period has given me a unique opportunity to reflect – on who I am and where I want to be. In the past few weeks, I have become dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle, checking in with myself more, and really honed in on the things I want out of my life. I recently read Ann Shoket (former EIC of Seventeen and boss bitch)’s book, The Big Life, which has inspired me to think about what a big life means to me now.

But enough about me – let’s talk fashion! It sounds silly, but one of the things I have missed immensely during quarantine is getting dressed for the day. Sure, we’ve all embraced cute sweatsuits and not having to wear a bra, but the amount of serotonin that putting together an outfit to conquer the day in gives me is unparalleled. Spring is also my favorite season to dress for, so I am mourning being able to break out floral skirts for the very first time. I long for the days of planning out my outfit for the following morning, preparing myself to kick ass at work or at brunch with my friends purely because I feel great in what I’m wearing.

Clothes define so much of our experiences in the world. When you walk into that meeting rocking your power blazer or show up to that first date in the perfect top, you feel GOOD. You feel able to do anything, unstoppable – even though we’ve now learned that a global pandemic can, in fact, stop you. For me, not being able to wear clothes that make me feel good, feel like me, has caused me to look elsewhere for joy and that feeling of confidence. Nothing quite scratches the itch.

Whenever we do go back to the world as we knew it, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone more excited than I am for my outfit debut.




My Favorites at NYFW Spring ’19

As Fashion Month comes to a close, there’s a few collections from the Spring ’19 collections that I can’t get off of my mind.

1. Self-Portrait

Launched just five years ago, London brand Self-Portrait is consistently trendy. Inspired by the designer’s recent trip to Ibiza, the Spring 2019 collection included amazing prints and colors that seem inherently contradictory, but somehow work beautifully. The mixing of prints is something huge in high-street and couture right now; when done right, it creates a sense of true, down-to-earth fashion. These are pieces for the epitome of a “cool girl,” one who turns head walking down busy NYC streets while eliciting an effortless vibe.

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2. Jeremy Scott

Celebrity-loved designer Jeremy Scott always pushes the envelope, and this collection was no different. By engaging with current trends like neon, camo, and logo-mania, Scott created a polished yet fun collection. His aesthetic is very much in sync with the streetwear frenzy right now, making you feel like if it’s wacky enough, you can wear it to the bar or on another planet. It’s also worth noting—and applauding—Scott’s political statement at the end of this show, with a male model rocking a “tell your senator to vote no on Kavanaugh” shirt.

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3. Oscar de la Renta

One of the most iconic RTW brands, Oscar de la Renta’s show this year was star-studded and intriguing. The show was held on the rooftop terrace of Spring Studios, evoking a “just stepped out of a fabulous party and now on my way to a yacht club” vibe that was definitely reflected in the ensembles. Bold primary colors and embroidery mixed with classically elegant silhouettes, creating an exotic but familiar feeling of feminine style.

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4. Pamella Roland

One of my favorite things too see on RTW runways is the use of interesting textiles and materials, like you might see on an episode of Project Runway. Pamella Roland delivered this in her show, in a beautiful mix of elegant gowns, tailored pants and beautifully constructed bodices. The floral embroidery, sequins, and intricately sketched designs showed the true effort put into making these clothes. This was debatably my favorite show of this NYFW.

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5. Proenza Schouler

Always the epitome of style and class, Proenza this year kept true to the brand while infusing inspiration from their new, lower-priced White Label. The designers wanted the clothes to be more “real,” reflecting what women of 2018 want to be wearing. Using classic fabrics like leather and denim, this spring collection stayed true to a very American aesthetic. The focus here was clear to me: functional and simple, but make it fashion.

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Let me know your favorites in the comments!


Sources of Inspiration

As I get older and my style continues to evolve, I am often confronted with many new, unexpected places to find inspiration. I am thankful every day that I spend the majority of my time in New Orleans, a city with so much culture and style at every turn. If you asked me to define my style right now, I would probably have a hard time pinning it down: I love neutrals, but am also really into colors like mustard and emerald, I am loving all kinds of pants but also think dresses are great, and sometimes I feel very edgy while other times very simple and girly. Regardless of my personal taste at the moment, which I know will only continue to cement itself, I draw inspiration from the same few places day after day.

My biggest source of inspiration right now, as I mentioned, is the city around me. Especially since it’s so hot down here, people on the streets have really been experimenting with fashion and embracing summer vibes. From the elegant yet bold French Quarter, to the quaint, boho Garden District, I think every neighborhood in this city offers its own style. I look to the architecture at Tulane for minimalism, the flowers in bloom. It’s safe to say I can’t wait to spend my summer in NYC, gaining even more inspiration from my environment!

I have a great new habit of adding things to my collection on Instagram when I really love them. Sometimes, I just see someone wearing something, and I think, “I need to try that too.” If you look through my collection, you’ll see some cool jewelry, trendy summer sandals, and cargo pants I’m dying to try. While so many of these items are designer (aka out of my price range), the high street has been drawing inspiration from them and has great options. Being able to draw inspiration from influencers and other ordinary girls who play with fashion is really cool to me. It lends to the endless cycle of personal style that we all play with in different ways. Some of my favorite people at the moment for style inspo are: @inthefrow, @aimeesong, @emmahill, @helenborden, and the ladies of @manrepeller. They all offer such different perspectives that I wish I could fuze into one look!

Where do you look for inspiration?

With Love,


Layer It Up

With the warm weather in full swing here in New Orleans, it can be hard to know how to dress—I still want to wear my sweaters, but without sweating through my clothes. A perfect way to combat this issue and look trendy at the same time is layering different styles and silhouettes. I used this trick in this recent outfit to achieve that “I care just enough” vibe.


I’ve been loving this skin-toned thin mock-neck lately because it’s such a versatile piece. The idea of wearing turtlenecks and long-sleeves under things is taking street style by storm, and I am here for it. For the layer, I put on this baggy Wildfox graphic tee. The shape of this shirt contrasts with the tight mock-neck, but they look so good together because of how unexpected the combo is. I think this looks way cooler and more contrived than just wearing either of the pieces on their own. If it wasn’t so hot out, I would’ve even thrown on a vest over top!

I paired these tops with some classic vintage Levi’s shorts, a black belt, and black sneakers. The layering is the focus of the outfit so I kept it pretty classic on the bottom. The belt does a nice job of breaking everything up and tying the look together. I love wearing unexpected and cool things, but using other pieces to make sure the look isn’t too crazy.

How do you wear layers? Show me in the comments!

With love,


Trend Alert: Menswear

I think I’m a little late to the bandwagon here, but better late than never, right? The past few weeks have been a big time for fashion, with NYFW and the beginning of lots of trends for the coming year. One trend that I noticed last fall and carrying over into the spring is menswear-inspired pieces and vibes. I particularly love the momentum that this is building because it’s so cool to mix masculine and feminine vibes; I think this reflects a bit of the zeitgeist of 2018, with women rocking their #girlboss spirit. While I am just starting my foray into “manly” pieces, some stars and designers have been rocking it for quite some time.

When I say menswear, I’m talking suits, blazers, and plaid/houndstooth prints. All of these things are typically associated with the classic working man, whether he be in 1950 or 2018. They are timelessly classic and chic. Women have been updating these pieces a bit, wearing brightly-colored suits, tailored blazers with heels, and plaid dresses. To me, this transformation of trends to fit your personal style is what makes fashion so fun, so I love seeing how people choose to style this trend. For women and men to be able to interchange style and receive the same response is definitely empowering.

Designers like Saint Laurent and Balmain, and fast-fashion brands like Zara and Topshop have embraced this trend with open arms. There are so many ways to style a plaid suit or trench coat, so be creative when trying this trend for yourself! Not all women have to wear skirts, but if you want to wear one to feel powerful, go for it. That’s the beauty of menswear! Check out Anna Kendrick’s Balmain suit, which she paired with feminine details, at the Grammys. And snag your own version from Nasty Gal!

What do you think of the menswear-inspired trend? I’d love to hear in the comments!

With love,



Couture FW Runway Rundown

It’s time for me to do one of my favorite posts: Runway Rundowns. This past week was Couture Fashion Week in Paris, and there were some spectacular showings. These couture shows are my personal favorite because they’re never afraid to push the limits; they’re pieces of art, not ready-to-wear clothing. Read on for my three favorite collections from Spring ’18 Haute Couture.

1. Ellie Saab

This collection literally took my breath away. The beading on the gowns is so impressive and beautiful, and I loved how the color palette stuck mostly to blacks, silvers, and creams, with some intermittent pops of color. As I scrolled through, I was blown away by beauty and then began to think about how long and how much work these designs took.These gowns are definitely made for royalty and I think Saab achieved the perfect balance between elegance and glamour in this collection.

2. John Paul Gaultier

JPG is known for pushing the boundaries and making a statement with his pieces, and this collection was no different. His androgynous looks packed a punch walking down the runway, and I loved the variety of dresses, skirts, pants, and shorts. The model styling was amazing, and fit the futuristic vibe of the clothes. This collection reminded me of a chic version of The Hunger Games or some other utopian world, where the women are strong and confident. Who can dislike that?

3. Giambattista Valli

A lesser known designer, Valli brought so much variety to his collection this year, and his artistry was so pretty. Using the word pretty often doesn’t do these looks justice, but in this case, that’s what they were; sweeping gowns, sequined skirts, and floral appliqué that any girl would love to wear. The different designs, silhouettes, and techniques made for a truly interesting show. I can definitely see some of my favorite celebrities wearing one of these romantic designs on the next red carpet.

There you have it: my favorites from the ‘Spring 18 showing. When picking my favorites, it’s honestly about a vibe and feeling of inspiration that I get than any particular aspect of design. These collections made me audibly say “wow,” and send them to friends to discuss how stunning and different they are.

Photos courtesy of Vogue.

Let me know your favorite designers from this round of Fashion Week in the comments!

With love,


My Favorite Fall Trends

Let’s just dive right in: here are some of my favorite trends that I’ve been seeing all over for the fall/winter season!

1. Scarf Prints.

I’m not exactly sure what this type of print is called, but I’m here for it. Lately I’ve seen a bunch of pieces incorporating prints that look like a luxurious satin scarf, which is reminiscent of designer brands in the 2000s (think Louis Vuitton). But now, street-style brands are creating dresses and tops that resemble this idea, and I love the vibe this pattern and material together create. I even saw a boutique selling denim jackets with vintage Hermes scarves sewn into the backs—how cool? I really like the retro vibe and the instant color that this adds to an outfit. I guess that’s why I recently ordered this fabulous dress from Missguided! While this isn’t an exclusively fall trend, you can find it everywhere right now in all sorts of styles and colors, so find one that strikes your fancy ASAP.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 7.33.19 PM.png

2. Patent Leather.

If white denim is the pant material of summer, patent leather is the new pant material for fall/winter. The sleek look of patent leather elevates an outfit so much, making it look more expensive and classier than it actually is. Even paired with a T-shirt and sneakers, black vinyl pants can look so cool! If you want to be fancier, a patent leather skirt is also easy to find right now, and can be worn for a night out on the town as well as a business setting. I love patent leather because it gives a cooler, more fashion-forward vibe than regular leather, but it’s still just as easy to style.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 7.39.04 PM.png

3. Straight Leg Jeans.

I think we can all agree that skinny jeans aren’t the most comfortable. That’s why I’m so happy that the past few months has brought a mainstream straying away from that cut, and towards unique, more loose jean styles. Whether they’re dark or light wash, low or high rise, I just think straight leg jeans are way more universally flattering and easier to style. I also love how they can easily fall around a pair of ankle boots. I think the emergence of new popular jean trends is really great for the fashion world because it was getting pretty boring seeing everyone rock the same shape. My personal favorite pair of straight leg jeans right now is this pair from Levi’s.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 7.56.38 PM.png

4. Vintage-Inspired Pieces.

This is a bit broader, but I’m seriously loving the interest in thrifting and revamping of vintage vibes lately! From cable knits, to cropped ribbed tops, to slip dresses, to denim, everything your favorite style stars are wearing seems to have a bit of vintage inspiration right now. Fashion trends naturally borrow from the eras that came before, but we seem to be having a major moment of ’90s nostalgia right now. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Polo are emerging again, and teenage girls are raiding their moms closets for oldie-but-goodies. You can go to a thrift store or to a mainstream place like Urban Outfitters to take inspiration from some of these trends and rock your own vintage-inspired vibes this winter.

What’s your favorite trend right now? Let’s talk in the comments!



Graphic Power

We all love a simple and comfy T-shirt, but sometimes, that can get a little boring. That’s why I’m super happy that graphic tees of all shapes, patterns, and colors have become popular over the past few months. Whether it’s your favorite band logo, a cool slogan, or a pretty floral print, your favorite graphic tee can instantly make a simple outfit and keep you looking cool throughout the whole day. I chose one of my favorites for this cool street-style outfit.

Personally, my favorite type of graphic tees are ones with words on them. Some of my friends make fun of me for this, but I think it’s really fun to literally let your clothes say something for you, even if it can be silly! I spotted this cool “vibes” shirt at a boutique here in Amsterdam and it just spoke to me. I love lightning bolt motifs, and I liked how the colors were a bright palette but intentionally muted. It gave the shirt a vintage and worn look that I love my T-shirts to have, even if they’re brand new.


I paired this comfy shirt with some flowy black culottes and white platform sneakers. Like I said, graphic tees have the power to make your whole look, so there’s really no need to add much else. The shirt speaks for itself! I hope graphic shirts continue to be cool instead of just pajama tops, because I have much more to say.

Show me your favorite graphic tee in the comments below!

POTW: Loafer Season

Life has been SO busy lately, so I haven’t had time to show you all the pieces I’ve been loving lately! I’m back now with my current favorite shoes that are probably one of the biggest fall/winter trends: loafers. Gucci was the first major brand to come out with a sleek pair of black loafers with gold hardware, but since we can’t all drop $500 on shoes, there are now countless copies, some with their own fun twist. I picked up this insanely cheap pair from River Island and have been obsessed with them.

To be honest, loafers were never really a style I considered to be fashion-forward; I associate them more with my grandma. But as soon as I saw them paired with some mom jeans and a blazer, I was sold. Loafers are so simple and classic that they have the ability to look great with virtually anything. As a young person trying to make my wardrobe feel a bit more sophisticated, these were the perfect addition. The pair I got had the classic black color and gold detail chain, along with some fun details that make them more youthful and fun!

First of all, I LOVE the studs on these. Gold is such a great accent color that instantly adds chicness, and the studs are very current and make the shoes a bit edgier. The patent leather-like sheen on these shoes is also something that I thought made them seem more trendy and young. These loafers also have fur lining similar to the OG Gucci pair, but it’s black and more subtle—and great for actually keeping your feet warm.

Pairing these with straight-cut jeans and a sweater for a casual day, or trousers and a blazer for something more formal, is the best way to go. They ensure you will look put-together and sophisticated, with a little fashionable flair. I definitely plan on picking up another fun pair of loafers ASAP.

How do you feel about the loafer trend?