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I’m Back!

Hello hello hello! It's been a year and a half too long since I've taken pen to paper (well fingers to keys) on this blog. Safe to say a lot has changed since my last post in September 2018 - I graduated college, fulfilled my dream of moving to New York City, had two different… Continue reading I’m Back!


My Favorites at NYFW Spring ’19

As Fashion Month comes to a close, there's a few collections from the Spring '19 collections that I can't get off of my mind. 1. Self-Portrait Launched just five years ago, London brand Self-Portrait is consistently trendy. Inspired by the designer's recent trip to Ibiza, the Spring 2019 collection included amazing prints and colors that… Continue reading My Favorites at NYFW Spring ’19


Documentaries All Fashionistas Must See

I'm just going to say it: I LOVE documentaries. As cool as fictional films are, there's nothing quite like getting that inside look at something that really happened and impacted our world. I love true crime documentaries, documentaries about celebrities, and most of all, documentaries having to do with fashion. I've compiled a list of… Continue reading Documentaries All Fashionistas Must See